“What they said!”


So my sister’s birthday is coming up and seeing as I cannot be with her, as she lives in the states and I am in Northern Europe, I always try and make a very special card for her:

Mama Elephant came out with an adorable new stamp set called “Three Amigos” and I must say that it is one of the most versatile sets that I own! 🙂

I should probably tell you a little more about my sister and her husband to explain why this is so perfect: My sister Anja got married in August last year to her long term boyfriend Damien. She is very attentive and caring, never forgets a birthday or Christmas or even Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. She is not into scrapbooks for or card making, however never fails to find cute cards and very nice gifts for us. So she will find the perfect present and card, write a nice warm message and next to her signature, it always says: “What she said, Damien” 😀

You can imagine that my heart skipped a beat when I found this stamp set!





Anja is really more into abstract art, but ways loves my cards, so I make them cute, as it makes me happy ! 😉

I wanted to include a Polaroid… For some reason they make me think of my sister. Also, I wanted to create a lot of dimension. So I used the Polaroid die from Lawn Fawn and since I didn’t have chip board, I cut it out of heavy white paper and layered four of them on top of each other to make it thick. I thought it now looked more like at Polaroid.
I also used Lawn Fawns hill dies and sun.

The images are stamped on white card stock (specialty card stock for markers) and cut out using my Brother Scan n’ cut with a 1 mm border and cored them using my Faber Castel pit brush pens. I even cored the crumbled up paper balls and layers them with foam tape to make it look more like a pile 🙂

Oooh I just love how it turned out! A very simple card but so fun and entertaining hehehe

Hope you like it !

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